Why We Are Different


First, do not throw anything away! If you think you should help eliminate and shorten the process, don’t. There are things in homes that are small or large and seemingly insignificant. Resist the urge to throw them away. Do not hire dumpsters or men to haul things away. Do not do this on your own. We know what is of value and what is a potential sale item. A couple of years ago, we had to go through a 20 foot dumpster for some ‘over eager’ clients of eight people that were from out of town. In there, we found another $15,000 in old Matson Line posters, vintage magic memorabilia, bric-a-brac and collectible paper. They were thrilled that we would go the extra five miles, in this case.

We Set Up To Sell

We set up each home or estate like a model home where everything is for sale. This can be a home with or without antiques. It can contain vintage, contemporary or new items. The entire house, the garage, closets, kitchen, cabinets, bathrooms, desks, drawers and each nook are straightened, cleaned and displayed. We do not set up tables and bring things out of cupboards, except to display in the garage, for Christmas items or overload collections as some homes have had i.e. unused, hand painted china collections, Beanie Babies or hand tools. By the time we are ready to open the doors for a public sale, the client’s home looks like the former resident just walked away…sparkling and arranged for display to preview on our website. This does the former client justice and the household honor. When potential sale attendees see the estate displayed on line, they can see that it is worth coming to. They can also view what they may want to purchase ahead of the sale. This also provides a grand picture for the family, heirs or legal trustees to see what the state once was. It often gives our clients a sigh of relief and some restored pride.

No Dealer Pre Sale Days

There are no dealer pre-sale days. We do not cater to dealers, but they do come to our sales. That way there is no exclusive cherry picking, leaving the house unorganized and with gaps in rooms. We do not sell exclusively to our dealer friends and acquaintances, but shoot for the highest prices that we can realize. We work for the client and SYES. We just don’t sell to get the job done, but get between fair market value prices and retail. We bargain throughout the sale days and prices are not fixed, just started. It is first come, first served. We open to the public that has been notified by newspapers and to our over 3000 people on our mailing lists. If there are fine pieces that do not sell, then we call dealers in or the people that have made offers. There are other times when we store items and furniture too fine to donate and sell them at another sale.

Proven Sales Results

Sales results have proven two to three times more than any competition. We have compared the estimates of other estate sale interviews with the clients and we surpass their predictions. Once in a while, we will call an auctioneer that we trust, to handle things that we cannot do justice to. This can really boost sales results!

Thorough Handling

We provide thorough handling where every item in the household is eventually listed. By the time that we are finished, you will have sales lists, internet/Ebay sales, and donations lists with receipts. You will then know what was in the house for personal or tax references…..a personal history, if you will.

Sale Security

Our security includes a doorman or an off duty police officer to meter how many people are in the home at a time. We have watchers in certain rooms or wings of homes. The jewelry and small collectibles, for public sale, are displayed in cases with an attendant(s). One of our trademark requirements is our ‘purse and bag claim check-in’ to reduce temptation. We keep control of how many people are inside and keep any locust frenzy outside.

Dependable Staff

One of the best parts of our service is the excellence of our staff. Our people are compassionate, thorough, honest and not antique collectors. They are efficient at cleaning, displaying, keeping the estate straightened during sales. Our friendly and often humorous staff is there to assist the public. Let it also be known that we also have the ability to be very firm and refuse service to any dissemblers who wish to cause a disturbance or are rude.

No Box Lots

We do not box lot to sell large purchases. Each item is priced and listed on our lap top reconciliation.


For celebrity or historical homes or generational family histories, we do background research. Many times, we feature photos and histories at certain estate sales for the buyers and attendees to marvel at. Sharon Yost majored in California and United States History at USC and graduated in 1971. She relishes the opportunity to do this kind of research. We have done many histories for families. Some with records going back to 1803 Belgium and ending up in the U.S. through 2005; the American Ambassadors to China during the Boxer Rebellion of 1905; the first hairstylist retained by a major studio, Universal and Carl Laemmle, in 1922, and even her daughter’s distinguished styling career; Norma Talmadge’s 1920’s estate that was turned into a library; the home of the inventor of ‘sound looping’ changing silent films to sound, just to name a few.

We have done several well-known celebrity sales and have sold in homes large (15,000 sq. feet) and small (1500 sq. feet). We have had high volume lines that have taken up to two hours get in and dealt with up to 3000 in two, eight-hour days. Our sales can be tailored for a lot of ‘hoopla’ or none at all. We tailor each sale to your desires, but we will suggest the best way to market your estate’s possessions.

Proven Experience

For 21 years, we have had over 350 sales and helped over 500 clients by joining sales or selling on the Internet. SYES has married estates in behalf of many additional clients. These would be for people that did not have the house to sell their things. With the permission of an existing estate, we ‘married’ that orphan estate to the estate to help two clients at once. We endeavor to make a daunting task profitable for the clients and SYES. We want to help the clients, families, heirs and friends comfortable making closing chapters remembered in a good light with positive results.