What Our Clients & Customers Say

We are fortunate to have clients and customers who have written to tell us about their experiences. Please read on to see what they say!

Everyone there was professional, sincere, thorough, and overall great to interact with. There was a genuine attentiveness to the customers needs and wants. The best run estate sale I’ve seen in a while.
– A recent customer

Friendly, willing to deliver and I would buy again.
– Suzanne, A recent customer

Very professional. I have told two friends to go there tomorrow. Please let me know about other sales that you have.
– A recent customer

Hello, Congratulations on holding a very well-organized estate sale!
– Christine, A recent customer

Everybody was just great! The offerings were fantastic, quality super, timeliness awesome – everyone sooo helpful. I will treasure the items I purchased for many years to come. You all have a sparkling 4th of July!
– A recent customer

Well organized, patient, classy team.
– A recent customer

Hi Sharon,
My husband and I had a home in Hancock Park. We needed someone to help us sell our valuable Asian and other furniture and antiques because we had bought another home in another state.

We decided on having Sharon work with us. Each day Sharon worked with us, we saw her being honest with herself and others. Observing her actions, we learned that her actions were true, honorable and in alignment with her innate goodness.

If she isn’t expressing her best, she would adjust her behavior and work to make things right.

Sharon showed my husband and I self-respect and self-regard. She built a relationship with honest communication. Sharon offered opinions, made request, and shared our feelings with respect and positive intentions.
– C. R., Hancock Park Client

Hello: I so enjoyed attending the Sale on Saturday. Norwood,and everyone there was so gracious and kind. My only regret is I did not purchase the items I felt a connection with. By any chance, is anything unsold? Is there a list, or a way to find out please? Thanks so much!
– R.B., A recent customer

Hi Sharon, I hope things are going well with you and yours. Our Sunday paper did a huge article on dishonorable people in the estate sale business and I just wanted to thank you again for your integrity, honesty, and understanding. We were in a vulnerable position with being so far away with such a massive job on our hands, and feel so fortunate that you treated us so well. Again, our most sincere thanks.
– C. & B., Past clients

Hi Sharon,
So nice to hear from you. We are doing well and loving our new house. Thank you for the amazing job on the estate sale. You are a pro. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks for your kind words about my family. I feel very blessed. As I hope you are too.
– D.S., The Venice Estate

Hello: I so enjoyed attending the Sale on Saturday. Norwood,and everyone there was so gracious and kind. My only regret is I did not purchase the items I felt a connection with. By any chance, is anything unsold? Is there a list, or a way to find out please? Thanks so much!
– R.B., A recent customer

Thanks [for added me to your mailing list].  We thought that your team did a great job yesterday; we had a lot of fun.
– A.C., A recent customer

Thank you soo much! Such an enjoyable sale today. Thanks again!
– Lorrie, A recent customer

Sharon Yost and her team recently handled a very complex estate sale for us and did a wonderful job. There were literally hundreds of pieces disposed of by sale or donation. Sharon treated the children’s books and kitchen utensils with the same care and attention as the artwork and antiques. She remained pleasant, supportive and courteous with our numerous questions, calls and requests. At the end of our multi-week sale, she provided the same attitude and service in creating an inventory/donation list to us and carefully priced each donated item’s fair market value so that our papers and records are thorough and complete for the IRS when we record our tax deductions from the donations. Sharon is a real professional in her field and she and her staff are very nice people. Sharon is fair and capable, and our experience with her was a positive one. We recommend her and her staff’s services to you for your own estate sale.
– L.G, Producer, Past Client

I’d be happy to be a reference and give positive feedback describing efficient and effective action provided by SYES. What was anticipated as a monumental “Gordian Knot” to me was sliced by a ‘tell me what you want to do’ and it was done professionally, and with most pleasing results.
– A recent client

Wow!  Nice going!  And I didn’t do a thing.  I also know I couldn’t have even begun to do what you did and here is why:

One of the things you told me in our initial interview was that my or any family presence is not permitted during the preparation and sale.  I thought that was the silliest thing I had ever heard but took Will Rodgers’ advice (never pass up the opportunity to keep your mouth shut) and didn’t say anything.

A while later my sister sent me the URL to your web site which contained photos of Mom’s sale.  Just looking at the small photo of my Mom’s living room made me cry and I couldn’t continue.  I’m slow, but at that moment I finally and completely understood the meaning behind your requirement.

Thank you both so much for your help.
– B.V., A client

Your itemized account and check were waiting for me. No way I can adequately thank you for all your wonderful help. Just know, you were so very helpful in completing a task I was not looking forward to. You really made it painless! You were tireless in all your efforts. If you ever need a reference, I will praise you to the sky.
– J.M., Past Client

Thank you so much for selling my car so promptly, as well as the successful estate sale. You got more for things than I was expecting. It is a pleasure doing business with people who are so pleasant, caring and efficient.
-D.M., 95 Year-Old Client

Sincere thanks for all your help executed exquisitely.
– B.A., Retired Interior Decorator

I adore Sharon Yost. She is fair, knowledgeable, thorough and kind. A true asset to mankind!
– Douglas – A Customer

The desk and typewriter-just like my Dad had it. Elegant, just like our mom did things-it’s wonderful.
-S.F., Executive Secretary

Amazed at your merchant’s eye for Ebay. We all still mimic you saying, ‘This is merchandise. Don’t throw it away.’ We’ll never forget you, and we are blessed that we met you. Thanks for all you have done, and will do.
-J.L., Marketing Man

I appreciate the efforts you went through, especially in the confusion that occurred mid-way. I am pleased with the results and valuations provided that will certainly benefit my aunt. It was most helpful to know these services exist….I had no idea. I certainly dreaded the thought of what to do with the “stuff”. I would have spent many hours/days/etc. just trying to identify a plan, let alone execute it. Thankfully, you were there.
– M.M.

My brother, sister and I were very impressed with Mrs. Yost’s professionalism for my mother’s modest estate. Her concern for our sentiments, the follow-through that she displayed was so helpful. Just as important, she was very personable, very caring while delivering on everything she promised. Sharon had concerns for certain things to stay in the family. In the end, Sharon took only those items that we did not want to keep, and which to us had no economic or sentimental value. We would have been happy to have paid someone to haul away most of it. She meticulously cataloged each of the dozens of pieces that she took on consignment. She then placed them at estate sales where they would “show well”. We received cash and tax deductions from charitable donations. Our only regret is that we did not call Sharon earlier in the process to review much of the stuff that we did throw out, which could have been sold.
– J.R., Businessman

We feel fortunate to know her and recommend her services with enthusiasm and without reservation.
– R.B., Client

I went to a sale earlier this morning and I was so uncomfortable and intimidated that I left. I almost didn’t come to yours because of this. I am glad that I did. You and your staff and even your security guard made me feel so welcome. Your customers were just as friendly. I spoke to so many wonderful and interesting people. I have been caring for my mother every day for a year. I had an eight hour ‘vacation’ while she was in surgery. I spent most of it at your estate sale. Thank you for making my ‘vacation’ so terrific.

Sharon, Thank you for holding these estate sales. We know how much work there is putting one together. We want to let you know that sometimes the ‘little guy’ purchases items for themselves. From one family to another, and we are such buyers. Thanks for being there.
– L.B., Shopper

Thank you so much. Your sales are wonderful. Please keep me up to date on your next one. Looking forward to it.

What an accumulation AND what a presentation! I say it’s lookin’ real, real good and I look forward to seeing it tomorrow. See all of you then.
-Jim, Client

I love the watercolor pastel floral that I got from you. It is exactly what I needed while I was going through a depressed stage. It came from and through someone who is a lovely person. It gives off positive energy, and has really added brightness to my home.

From your note, it sounds like you found a buyer for everything, including the dishes. Amazing!
– R.G., Attorney