Estate Sales


Our estate sale service includes on-site organizing, cleaning, displaying, advertising in four to eight newspapers, and selling at a two to four and one-half days public sale. At the completion of the sale, we will list and package all the remaining possessions for donations. For things too good to donate, they are stored until sold at our warehouse or storage. You are given an itemized list for all items sold at the sale, no matter how small the item, and donation lists of each item given to charity with values and receipts attached.

The goal for each sale is to realize the highest price for every item that is for sale. We have a mailing list of over 4700 contacts, of those who have attended our sales over the years. We charge sales tax and take all credit cards.

We can do this service for multiple family estates and those in different states for one client or trust by combining homes.


  1. We interview the prospective client and tour the household that needs to be downsized. At this meeting, we evaluate the estate to see if it is doable for SYES and/or recommend a plan to downsize. If so, we give a proposal for the percentage of sales, costs of advertising and labor. Negotiations. Dates are set. Estimates given for the sale totals.
  2. When both parties agree, we get keys and alarm codes.
  3. Our crew then comes in to clean, organize and display homes.
  4. Postcards are mailed, advertising in newspapers done, emails sent three days to a week in advance.
  5. Photographs are taken and put on the Sharon Yost Estate Sales website.
  6. The estate sale days go from 2 to 4 1/2 days usually Friday, Saturday and half-day Sundays.
  7. In the following days, we do donation lists, arrange for charity pick-ups and leave the house empty and clean.
  8. Checks and sale reconciliation’s come within 20 days of sales.