New Hancock Park Estate

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June Street (East of Highland, North of 3rd Street)

Friday November 4th 9am to 4 pm                     Numbers Out at 8:00 AM Friday

Saturday November 5th 9am to 4 pm

Sunday November 6th 1 to 5pm

The owners have added diamonds, 14k gold, silver, sapphire & charms.

Very nice jewelry at this one.

For this next sale, we will be presenting another estate in Hancock Park on June Street. This is a large, gorgeous, one-story home.  The contents available at this address are antique, vintage and contemporary items. There are Chinese, Japanese, American and Continental furnishings, decorative accessories, porcelains, embroideries, and statuary.

The household is not full of bric-a-brac, but it has many beautiful small items…..the website photos will show you the middle of next week. Here, you will see: a newer grandfather clock, Samurai swords on stand, reversed painted glass Emperor in framed stand, 8-18” panel embroidered silk tall standing screen w/cranes, many antique & 20th C. tall, Asian baluster vases in pairs and singles 27” to 60” (figural handles in elephants, pomegranates), Chinese repousse’ silver plate on brass silent butler & brush, soapstone carvings, vintage simulated ivory figurines & vases, stone pictures, Chinese embroideries one w/copper embellished frame, Mt. Fuji painting, Victorian oak mirror, Asian lamp, octagonal carved antique mahogany side table, antique black & gold Chinese table vase, Fostoria punch bowl & other glass, mother & son bust on marble stand, pr. small floral dressing table lamps, many gorgeous 19th C. carved Asian rosewood chairs in pairs & singles, pr. marble topped Asian stools, a rare Chinese 19th C. standing drum, Chinese settee, coffee table, side tables, side chair & desk, 2 tea carts-mahogany & rattan, swords, antique 7’ Continental sideboard buffet and armoire, 5’ shell & flower French mirror, pr. Chinese ginger jars, Imari porcelain, copper pots & cookware, Williams-Sonoma Pot brass pot racks, antique electric copper chocolate syrup warmer, Japanese bronze lanterns & signed plates, china dishes, carved box w/coasters, lacquer box, 6 Sarah Total Floral live decorative plants, porcelain bowl, pr. 3’ x 5’ gilt mirrors, many foo dog figurines in bronze, ceramic, wood & porcelain, Japanese Samurai warrior doll, porcelain Japanese tea sets, rice bowls, plates & cups, Persian box & frame w/sketch, Asian bell, Emperor and Empress silk painted pictures, Chinese bronze censor, tall Victorian style floor lamp, 3’ x 4’ gilt mirror,  4 modern brass & black leather bar stools, round black marble pedestal table w/4 brass & black leather chairs, table gong, candle garden, CA king wood head & footboard, comforter,  6 pc. modern style desk unit, office chair, cloisonné enamel pieces, ant. dining table & 6 chairs, china dishes—vint Mikasa ‘Ming Green’ 10 place settings & Narumi china ‘Yellow Rose’, Large Continental cabinet, European carved oak wine cabinet, marquetry side board/buffet, folding bistro table w/2 chairs, 60” Pioneer Elite plasma HDMI TV, wood stand w/cabinets, 2 speakers. Garden—foo dogs, alabaster & other Buddha’s, Asian man & woman statues, 5 red pagodas 14”to 27”, red Japanese bridge, potted plants, ping pong table & more!

HISTORY note on the historical importance of the 19th and early 20th century Chinese antiques offered for sale in this lovely home. Theses pieces  are becoming more rare with each passing year. The destruction of so much of the treasures in China by the Communists and their desire to destroy the upper class or the bourgeoisie (the working class), has put Chinese antiques and collectibles at a premium.

During the 1920’s, rumblings of Communism, led by Mao-Tse-Tung were trying to gain foot holds in China. Having gained seats in government, there was a fight against them. In 1927, the Communists in the Kuomintang wing of government were forced out. Chiang Kai-shek and his battles with the Communists later sent Mao and Chu Teh on the Long March in 1934 to Yenan which became their base. The Chino-Japanese War began in 1931 with Japanese occupation of Manchuria. This continued, and even with allied aid, Chinese strength further faltered. In 1941, the Japanese attacks on U.S. and British bases started the Second World War in the Pacific. After WWII, in 1948, Chiang Kai-shek became the first constitutional president of China. In September 1949, the Communists proclaimed rule over all of China and established the Chinese People’s Republic with Mao as chairman. Chiang Kai-shek was driven from China and ruled over Taiwan and some offshore islands. But imagine, as doctors, professional people and intellectuals were terminated, so were the possessions they owned. Untold numbers of Chinese art and antiques were destroyed by the desire to control people, manipulate them, seize their property and dictate what they could or could not do. It must never happen again….anywhere.

There are many other items here. There are two, unmatched English throne style chairs upholstered in beautiful silk damask and one ottoman, an antique Continental oak Moorish style cabinet about 7′ wide by 6 1/2′ tall, an antique handmade 8′ x 10′ plus antique Chinese rug with rust background and embellished w/green, yellow, purple and red flowers, 6 tiered garden fountain, pr. blue glazed pots w/pigmy date palms, 24″ x 24″ GE bar refrigerator, Hotpoint refrigerator w/top freezer (smaller), antique carved Chinese floor gong, towels, faux fish tank lamp, Satsuma style table lamp, small kitchen appliances, dishes, and garage and garden items. No books or LPs or DVDs.

See you there!

There are many more non-Asian items at this sale.


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