Do you work at a flat rate or a percentage?
A percentage.

What additional costs are there and for what?
SYES and the client or estate splits all costs 50/50—labor, advertising, and mailing costs, if any. This makes the sale a form of partnership where we only use what we need. The client is responsible for all trash or rubbish hauling fees that SYES arranges for.

How many postcards do you mail out?
Approximately 1350 at 45 cents each or approximately $250 for the client.

How many emails do you send?
3500 at no charge.

What if I don’t have enough things to sell or no place to sell it?
There are many times when we ‘marry’ two estates. This is, of course, done with the client who has a house and gives us permission. Your items, most of the time, will help enhance their sale, while selling your things at the same time.

What do you need to have a successful sale?
We need lots of furniture to display on and lots of bric-a-brac, smalls, decorative items. Many times, one estate will have the furniture, but no smalls. Another will have the smalls, but no furniture. That frequently is where we put two estates together.